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Irina Gabiani 3d International Art Prize Arte Laguna Best Foreign Artist Prize Winner- Sculpt. Sect.

Collective Exhibition of the 30 finalists artists - Sculpture SectionPDFPrintE-mail

Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
Spazi Bomben per la Cultura
via Cornarotta 7-9, 31100 Treviso Italy
phone.             +39 0422.5121       , fax +39 0422.579483                   
spazibomben@fbsr.it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

4 October 2008 - 6 PM

Arte Laguna

Igor Zanti

Balint Martin-Emilian -  Bastian Kristina -  Boeretto Annaluigia (Annalù) - Buzzi Paolo - Carossa Arianna - Cavinato Paolo -  Destefani Marco - Dutto Diego - Falconi Ivana - Gabiani Irina - Gonnelli Federica - Jansen Peter - Lardschneider Ivan - LincKe Patricia - Lucchini Flavio - Neretti Alessandro (NERO) - Marcacci Mirco - Nordin Charlotte - Piccinini Serena - Priego Garcia Joan - Rodriguez Pablo - Runner John - Scheps Osnat - Siliakus Ingrid - Taboni Barbara - Treppo Cristina - Vigolo Giuseppe - Zanotto Dania - Zaratin Stefano - Yoon Sena 


Irina Gabiani 3d International Art Prize Arte Laguna Best Foreign Artist Prize Winner- Sculpture Section 


 3d International Art Prize Arte Laguna Virtual Jury Prize Winner- Sculpture Section

From 4th to 19th October 2008 Arte Laguna presents the collective exposition of the 30 finalist artists of the Third International Art Prize Arte Laguna - Sculpture section in the Spaces Bomben for Culture Studies Research Foundation Benetton Treviso Italy, a competition that - in this edition - has confirmed the more attractive nationally, exceeding the 3300 works entered from all over the world - Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The works were selected by a jury made up of Nomination Igor Zanti (President of the Jury of Section), Viviana Siviero, Carlo Sala, Annalisa Rosso and Gloria Vallese.

Among the artists on display include names of important international art scene, among whom mention Patricia Linke, Flavio Lucchini and Irina Gabiani.

Eleven nations represented: Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Georgia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, United States, Israel and South Korea.

The exhibition, curated by Igor Zanti, is structured in two strands: a first strand of conceptual derivation, continuing a tradition that was inaugurated in the mid-60s, along with some consistency throughout contemporary art to this day. In this macrofilone, which can be ascribed most of the works are part of taste experiences installation incorporating materials and medium of expression very different, where the object sculpture blends in with a strong video and installation Light attempt to arouse the viewer a strong emotional impact.

Another group of works is characterized by a taste of derivation and new pop-pop where it is a favorite ironic language, and which is manifested in a search that integrates the culture of street art, web design, comics and cartoons.

The inauguration will take place Saturday, 4th October 2008, 6pm at the Benetton Foundation Studies - Bomben Spaces for Culture (TV). During the evening will be presented to the public of the artists on show and delivered the prizes to the winners of institutional and special prizes. The event will be presented by Nelly Pellini, a journalist of an Italian Television.

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